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Assessing the Impact of International Travel Experiences on Sexual Health Risk Perceptions and Behaviours or Young Canadian Adults

Sexual health and international travel

 Young Canadian adults are at higher risk to contract sexually transmitted  and blood borne infections (STBBI) and exhibit at-risk sexual behaviors in their home country. Sexual behaviors may be even riskier during international travel.

The goal of this project is to assess the impact that international travel has on the sexual health of young Canadian adults. We have conducted a national survey of sexually-active young travellers.


We have also documented the experiences, perceptions, challenges and recommendations of Ottawa-region key informants representing travel-specialized healthcare providers, sexual health clinics, young-adult-focused travel organizations and health-promotion organizations regarding the sexual health of young Canadian travellers.

MSc Thesis (completed): Emmanuelle Gareau

MSc Thesis- Emmanuelle Gareau
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